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The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement Business Name Ideas

Starting your own hardware store can be a great way to provide your community with the tools they need for their home improvement projects. And it allows you to expand your business into a hardware store franchise! However, before you start branding your hardware store, you need a good and memorable name for your store. Read on for the ultimate home improvement business name guide that will help you use the home improvement business name generator to come up with names that will stand up to some of your top competitors.

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One word business name ideas for hardware stores

To come up with these one word hardware store business name ideas, I started by finding some basic words. I thought of words that describe the hardware store like "hammer", "nails" and "house". I then entered those words into the hardware store name generator and filtered the results to show only the single word results. After receiving my results, I simply picked the ones I liked the most!

  1. Nagelvers
  2. Martyrs
  3. cabin deck
  4. Hammer´n
  5. Homester
  6. Hardware o
  7. Room-friendly
  8. craftsmanship
  9. screwx
  10. built
  11. work
  12. bauja
  13. Drilladil
  14. screw X
  15. painted

Tips on how to come up with a one word hardware store business name

To come up with one word home improvement business name ideas, try to think of words that relate to your brand's main selling point. For example, if you sell products designed for country living, include the word "cabin" in your name. Once you've found your selling point, you can start word association to find root words to plug into your hardware store's name generator.

Rhyming business name ideas for hardware stores

To come up with these rhyming hardware store name ideas, I used the exact keywords as one-word hardware store names and selected the rhyme filter. The Hardware Store Business Name Generator came up with some rhyming and alliterative names to inspire my business names.

  1. cement commune
  2. farbtafel
  3. Court Jester Zimmerman
  4. Nails N Nuts
  5. cabin center
  6. happy hammer
  7. The crowd of carpenters
  8. rural artisan
  9. Hidro-Hardware
  10. Hardware-Hardrock
  11. Pierce Demon
  12. build a beehive
  13. solar screw
  14. construction shore
  15. Bauteam

Tips for creating a rhyming business name for hardware stores

To create rhyming hardware store names, try using the keywords you created and the rhyme filter. You can use the names when checking domain name availability, or you can change the names and use them to inspire a name you love.

Metaphorical business name ideas for hardware stores

Metaphorical company names can reflect your brand's purpose and selling point without explicitly stating this. Being explicit about your products or selling points could mean that your hardware store name ideas are slightly generic. I came up with these metaphorical business name ideas using images of animals and other types of imagery. The root words I used in the hardware store name generator were "fox," "wind," and "antler."

  1. Antler N Wood
  2. Wind-Hardware
  3. Fuchsfix
  4. Intelligent building
  5. bolts
  6. Hammer N Stein
  7. beaver builder
  8. Do-it-yourself-Esel
  9. Sturm-Hardware
  10. forest deposit
  11. Blaze Construction
  12. slate and shovel
  13. Grind bangs
  14. snake carpentry
  15. Hardware-Mantis

Tips for creating a metaphorical business name for a hardware store

To come up with your own metaphorical hardware company name, try to think of popular images associated with your products and your main selling point. If you are struggling, try to think of animals and characters associated with building houses, such as the beaver. This can make it easier to find relevant images to use in your brand name.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Name your tool
  • Here to help
  • practical helpers
  • Useful hardware
  • Doktor-Hardware
  • work believer
  • award-winning deliveries
  • The pantry
  • supply corridors
  • key ready
  • key ready
  • face the work
  • the tool shed
  • the tool box
  • hardware store
  • Starter-Hardware
  • board hardware
  • oak fittings
  • Hardware iron
  • steel fittings
  • go to hardware
  • superior hardware
  • Hardware A+
  • Hardware-Acme
  • tool value
  • Kronen-Hardware
  • household items
  • repairs at home
  • hardware principle
  • refuge tool
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  • the tool barn
  • the tool box
  • Toby's tool box
  • electric tools
  • Hardware von Harry
  • the tool belt
  • wired hardware
  • hardware known
  • Hardware-Tal
  • Value of goods
  • Techcuzzi stores
  • Mooney-Hardware
  • Techrex-Hardware
  • Jackware stores
  • Warehub-Stores

The best home improvement store names from the real world

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tractor supply

How did Tractor Supply get its name?

The Tractor Supply Company, also known as TSC or TSCO, owes its name to the variety of products it supplies. The hardware store offers not only DIY supplies, but also agricultural and animal care supplies. The word tractor is intended to reflect the company's agricultural sales pitch.

Why is Tractor Supply a catchy company name?

Tractor Supply is a memorable company name because it's simple and uses the image of a tractor to communicate the company's purpose. The use of images allows the company to present its point of sale in a unique way, which draws the attention of consumers and visualizes them, making the brand memorable.

bravery real

How did True Value get its name?

The name of the True Value hardware chain is self-explanatory. The name communicates the main purpose and focus of the company - selling hardware accessories at true value or the fairest price. The shops were founded in 1948 by John Cotter, who opened his first independent local hardware store at the age of 12.

Why is True Value a catchy trade name?

True Value is a memorable business name because it's practical and straightforward. The name lets consumers know exactly why they should buy their hardware from True Value. The word true also implies truth and honesty, which helps portray the image of this brand as trustworthy and trustworthy.

Handy Dan

How did Handy Dan get this name?

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Unfortunately, this hardware store chain closed in 1989. But that doesn't mean the name of the hardware store isn't worth mentioning. Handy Dan is a pun on the word artisan, creating a character associated with the brand. Characters like Ronald Macdonald serve as mascots for brands to help personalize them and create a fun element.

Why is Handy Dan a catchy trade name?

Handy Dan is a catchy trade name as a pun that creates an immediate connection to consumers. By appealing to consumers' sense of humor, you can ensure that your brand connects with them. The name is also customizable with the "handy dan" character to create a fun element.

Mendo mill

How did Mendo Mill get its name?

Mendo Mill is named for the community that helped shape it, creating jobs and boosting the economy. Mendo Mill was founded in 1944 and has since grown to become Mendocino and Lake County's premier indoor lumber center and warehouse. The name is composed of the word "Mill" reflecting the aspect of logging and the word "Mendo" reflecting the location of the company.

Why is Mendo Mill a catchy trade name?

Mendo Mill is a memorable trade name as it reflects the company's purpose and original location. The name also uses alliteration to connect two words with a strong rhyme that makes the name more pleasant to pronounce. Improving the sound of a company name is a great way to make it memorable to consumers.

The most successful hardware stores

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How did Ace Hardware get its name?

In 1924, hardware store owners Richard Hesse, E. Gunnard Lindquist and Oscar Fischer combined their hardware stores under the Ace Hardware umbrella. The three hardware entrepreneurs merged their stores to increase their profits and purchasing power. The Ace Hardware name comes from the ace fighter pilots of WWI who overcame all odds.

Why is Ace Hardware a successful hardware trade name?

Ace Hardware is a successful hardware trade name as it uses the word Ace reflecting historical military achievement and has other meanings. Since then, the word ace has been synonymous with "magnificent" or "awesome." By using this word in the name, Ace Hardware implies its relevance and dominance in the hardware world.


How did Home Depot get its name?

Home Depot wasn't the original idea for the hardware chain's name. The hardware chain's original name would have been Bad Bernie's Build All. Luckily there was an interference with the original name. After finding a train station that would be converted into a restaurant, the Home Depot founders decided the name was simple and realistic and scrapped the idea of ​​"Bad Bernie".

Why is Home Depot a successful hardware company name?

Home Depot is a successful home improvement business name because it's simple. It describes the company in unique words that set it apart from other names. The simplicity of the name makes it easy to remember and allows consumers to easily see the purpose of the business.


How did Lowe's get its name?

Lowe's is named after its founder. Lucius Smith Lowe opened the first Lowe's Hardware Store in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina in 1921. In 1940 Lucius Smith Lowe's daughter Ruth Buchan inherited the business, which she sold to her brother James Lowe. From there, the hardware chain grew into a household name.

Why is Lowe a successful hardware trade name?

Lowe's is a successful hardware company name because it's uncomplicated. Using your name for your business works well to ensure your businesses are your legacy and can be passed on to start a family business. Lowe is a unique and short surname that is ideal as a business name. If you're considering using your name for your business, make sure your name is easy to pronounce, unique, and easy to remember.


How did Menards get its name?

Menards takes its name from a Germanic word traditionally used as a personal name. The name Mainard is made up of the elements Magin, which means strength, resilient, courageous and strong. Knowing the meaning of the Germanic name, it's easy to deduce why a word meaning "hard" might be perfect for a hardware store.

Why is Menards a successful hardware trade name?

Menards is a successful hardware trade name because of its use of foreign languages. The foreign language allows companies to make their name more unique by using simple terms related to the company. Since foreign language vocabulary is not commonly used, they are more likely to attract consumer interest.

Tips for developing hardware store business name ideas

When coming up with ideas for your hardware store name, there are a few tips you can use to get inspired and come up with a catchier name. It can be quite difficult to know where to start when coming up with hardware business name ideas, but don't worry. These tips will point you in the right direction!

keep it short

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As society consumes more social media, with short captions to grab readers' attention, our attention becomes more concise. To keep up with shrinking attention spans, you need to make sure your hardware company name is short and sweet. There are several ways to achieve this:

  • Combining Two Words - Try combining two words to create a new unique word, or just paste them as is and use a capital letter to separate the words.
  • Use only one word for business names - the best way to keep your name short is to use one word. Try to find a unique word that isn't already in use by using the hardware store business name generator to change your root words.

Try to narrow your business name ideas down to one or two words, and then try combining words to make your name even shorter. Your name should be more memorable and easier to remember if you do this.

use images

When creating a company name for a hardware store, it can be quite difficult to come up with a name that sounds unique. One of the best ways to make your name more unique and avoid confusing it with a bunch of hardware store product names is to use images. You can use images unrelated to your business to make your business stand out better.

The image you choose works best when it has connotations that suggest something about your brand. For example, a hardware store named "Antler Hardware" might indicate that the store caters for more rural DIY projects, like building and maintaining cabins. This can work well if your business is in a rural area that attracts hunters and campers.

Use poetic devices

Poetic devices aren't just for poetry! You can use poetic devices like alliteration and rhymes to make your hardware store name ideas more cohesive. Alliteration and rhymes work well with two-word nouns to connect two words together and make them more cohesive. For example, the name "rock hardware" might be better than "hard rock hardware" because the term is alliterative and easier to pronounce. The more fun your business name is to say, the more consumers will remember it.

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